Eyeglass Lenses

Lens Treatments

Anti-Reflective Coating – Crizal Rock is a “life proof” anti-reflective coating featuring durability, scratch and smudge-resistance, and anti-glare made for easy cleaning.

Polarized Lenses – Polarized lenses aim to eliminate glare and reduce strain by filtering out glare from horizontal surfaces such as water or bright outdoor light. This helps to increase contrast and enhance color perception.

Blue Light Filter – Essential Blue Filter helps reduce blue light associated with digital fatigue and provide visual comfort.

Lens Designs

Varilux® Progressive Lenses – We offer Varilux X Fit Series using digital custom measurements to offer the most advanced progressive lenses with large reading areas, smooth transitions, and eliminating off-balance sensations.

Eyezen™ Variable Technical Focus Lenses – Eyezen Boost lenses are a great option to help reduce strain while reading or using digital devices, intended for those ages 18-50. They provide protection from UV light and harmful blue-violet light.

Essilor Computer Lenses: Essilor Computer lenses are a type of progressive with a larger intermediate area to create a more relaxed, comfortable visual experience, specifically designed to help reduce digital fatigue associated with extended screen time.

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