Contact Lens Evaluation

Try lenses on the same day as your exam and go home happy with a supply of contacts today!

Acuvue Multifocal Expert

Few things affect the quality of your life more than your eyes. Please don’t put them at risk! The eye doctors at Horvath Vision Care Northwoods take the time to help you love your new contacts. 

Contact lenses are a great option and offer flexibility to our patients. Depending on your needs we have daily disposable, 2-week replacement, monthly replacement, toric (astigmatism) lenses, multifocal lenses, astigmatic multifocal lenses, myopic management lenses, color/tinted lenses, and Acuvue Oasys Transitions. In addition, we offer Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), and Scleral lenses!

Scleral contact lenses are a great option for patients that are facing challenges of an irregular
cornea due to keratoconus, dry eye or corneal disease, irregular astigmatism, or complications
from corneal transplants, LASIK, RK, or PRK. Patients who were unable to wear disposable
contact lenses can experience the comfort and freedom that come with scleral contact lenses!

We pride ourselves in satisfying the hard to fit prescriptions and patients who have been unsuccessful in the past.

It is important to remember that contact lenses are prescription medical devices. Various brands are designed and manufactured differently. The selection of a particular contact lens needs to be based on your vision problems, prescription, eye health, comfort requirements, lifestyle, age and physiological factors like tear flow. We’ll discuss the different lens types and brands with you and advise you about the lens choices that are best for your eyes. Because everyone’s eyes and vision needs are different, contact lenses are available with varying schedules for removal and replacement. We’ll teach you how to properly clean and wear your new contact lenses to maximize vision and minimize potential risks.

At Horvath Vision Care Northwoods we make sure that vision correction not only helps you see better, but also helps you feel better. Luckily, we fit so many contact lens patients that we often have access to the newest lenses before other offices. Most all patients wanting contacts, leave our office with contacts that day! We stock boxes of prescription contact lenses for your convenience and offer the best online rebates to give you the latest lenses to promote healthy vision at an incredible value.

Call us today for a contact lens evaluation. Enjoy the freedom contact lenses provide!

Contact Lenses for Children and Teens

Unsure if your child is a candidate for contact lenses? Contact lenses are safer and healthier than ever. Children can now enjoy safe, comfortable, clear vision with the latest in contact lens technology from Horvath Vision Care Northwoods. Our eye doctors may prescribe daily disposable contact lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses, Acuvue Oasys Transitions lenses, or another lens modality.

The optometrists at Horvath Vision Care Northwoods have fit children as young as eight years old with soft contact lenses and would love for your child to experience life without full time glasses wear. Our experienced doctors and staff will spend the time to ensure your child has the experience and technique necessary to safely and comfortable wear contact lenses.

Young athletes depend on clear vision and a wide angle of view to maximize their performance. Contact lenses provide your young athlete with natural, clear vision by placing corrective optics on the front part of the eye without special distortion. Many of our doctor’s children are athletes who benefit from the freedom of contact lenses for sports such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, track, etc. Give your child every competitive advantage and call Horvath Vision Care Northwoods for a contact lens consultation for your child.

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